Fall 2016 G-ZERO Promotional Opportunity

We couldn't exist without the help of our corporate partners so ensuring the best value for your partnership dollar matters to us. Partnerships receive premium banner placement at all of our events. Their logo appears in the presentation wall where announcements are made and winners declared. We'll engage with your brand via social media in a way that's honest and natural, going beyond the typical spam social viewers are now trained to ignore. Your brand will reach a wide audience both face to face and online, OVER 100-THOUSAND VIEWS so far in 2016 and counting! An overview of our pre-season events is included below, alongside images taken at each.

Pre-Season Partnership for Fall 2016 is $5000 - all inclusive.


The G-Zero Challengers Cup is a smaller and more accessible version of our Championship Racing Series. The series is open to racers of all skill levels and almost any age. Your brand will appear in banners lining the inner and outer barriers of the track, in key visibility areas around the event, and in the presentation wall where the winner is declared and all announcements are made.


Everywhere we go people want to hop in our karts and go for a spin. The G-Zero Experience was created to allow the public to do exactly that! We take the indoor karting experience and bring it directly to your favorite events, indoor and outdoors. Thanks to our all-electric kart configuration there are no nasty exhaust fumes or extreme noise, making the action approachable for drivers and crowds alike. Your partnership will be rewarded with banner placement along the inner and outer barriers of the track, on our website page announcing the event details, and a the presentation wall attached to our booth where drivers receive their times and gear. The social media options for promotion are virtually endless. Come join us at the G-Zero experience (Partnership members ALWAYS drive for free!) and send a message to your followers inviting them to join the fun. We'll share it everytime!


When a company chooses to reward their staff with an exciting private event featuring the G-Zero all-electric racing karts they know their employees will leave with a lasting memory of the experience. Be a part of that memory. Your partnership will get your banner featured along the inner and outer barriers of the private event track, and on the presentation wall where drivers receive their times and gear. This is the optimal "photo-op" point of the event, getting your brand out there into all new social groups.


We're a part of the community, and appear regularly at farmers markets, trade fairs and shows. Your partnership brings your brand along for the ride! We'll feature your brand on our presentation wall attached to every booth and appearance we make, right next to our all-electric race kart proudly on display. You'll find your brand appearing on personal photos of the kart just about everywhere online, naturally.


One of the amazing benefits of working on the G-Zero series is access to cutting edge battery electric technologies. It's our duty to make access to the karts for interested schools and students with an interest in STEM development. Your partnership will get your brand on our presentation wall placed next to a static kart display at all scholastic appearances.


When a new driver wants to compete in the series it's always important to first gauge their skill level and ensure they can safely operate the kart. As a result our team performs regular kart testing with smaller groups usually driving an all-electric racing kart for the very first time. Your partnership will get your brand on our presentation wall, positioned at the recharge point for all private testing.