Well here we are, August 10th (at of the time this is written) and another G-Zero Open House is in the books! Easily the biggest open house we’ve thrown so far, guests included noteable EV journalists and fans of the series. I mean really- how often does a major competitive racing league invite their fans- FOR FREE- to come hang out and play with the latest tech powering the series? We’re hardly a huge league- for now- but as more and more people continue to tell us how much fun the karts are to drive AND watch, we know we’re working on something really special- something very Vancouver and headed properly in a direction our environmentally conscious world demands. We order a few pizza’s, put some drinks on ice and give everyone a quick lesson on how to safely navigate the course. It’s all fun, laughing, cheering, “WOAH’s-from-the-crowd” type moments- with plenty of people who have likely never seen a race kart in person before. This is the kind of grassroots fan outreach that we want at the very core of our series. This is for our fans- this is why we take the series into the city, to the public. The sight of a full grid of electric race karts battling it out for glory, bragging rights, and to prove electric-techs place in the future of motorsport, is worth it.


Watch this space over the next week. As I work through all the amazing pictures and video we captured using our gear I’ll be sharing the very best, right here. – Dan

Aug. 11th Update – First video is up! Check it out below.