Greg Webster

CEO & Founder

Greg is the Mastermind. Without his years of planning and ceaseless motivation to make G-Zero a reality none of this would exist.

Adrian Johnson

Teams Manager

Adrian's the planner. Master of strategy with a backup plan for the backup plan.

Randy Simpson

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Randy's the guy you talk to when you want your business to get the type of exposure a billboard can never provide.

Terence Gilhuly

Chief Technology Officer

Terry's the guy with the hard science behind it all.

Dan Spalding

Marketing and Communications

Dan is the writer; Words, Code, Story... He's also the guy taking pics, recording video, and getting us covered by the press.

Our Story

We believe:

That motorsports can be used as an agent for change. Modern cars are the result of years of on-track experimentation with components and technology – and we like the idea of facilitating positive automotive change. We start in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, because that is where we are, and we know that this city has a great passion for sports, the environment and for getting out and doing things.


Whether you want to race professionally, or just get behind the wheel of something fun and new, G-Zero has an experience tailored for you.